Regularity results for locally integrable subharmonic functions on local Dirichlet spaces

08.02.2023, 13:30 Uhr  –  Haus 9, Raum 0.17 und Zoom
Forschungsseminar Diskrete Spektraltheorie

Prof. Dr. Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz)

Abstract: We report on recent results from a joint work with B. Güneysu, S. Pigola and. G. Veronelli. Using a new notion of subharmonicity we can prove a version of the Braverman-Milatovic-Shubin conjecture for a class of local Dirichlet spaces, containing amongst others, finite dimensional RCD-spaces. This extends recent regularity results for Riemannian manifolds by S. Pigola and. G. Veronelli.

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