Rigging Technique for 1-Lightlike Submanifolds

17.04.2020, 11:00  –  Zoom Meeting
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Hans Fotsing (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cameroon)

We will discuss riggings on a 1-lightlike  submanifold, which  have many of the good properties of the Gauss map of non degenerate hypersurfaces. We will also show that for the case of the (n+ 2)-dimensional Minskowski space R^{n+2}_1, the only null Monge hypersurfaces (i.e.   graph  of  a  function) x:\Sigma\to  R^{n+2}_1 satisfying the eigenvalue equation \Delta x=\lambda x are null hyperplanes.   On  our  way  to  prove  this  result,  we  will  show  that a smooth  function f:  R^{n+1}\supset D\to  R which is harmonic and  whose  gradient is of constant norm, is affine.

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