A Rough Path Perspective on Renormalization

08.02.2017, 11:00  –  Haus 9, Raum 2.22
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Peter Friz (TU Berlin)

We revisit (higher-order) translation operators on rough paths, in both the geometric
and branched setting. As in Hairer's work on the renormalization of
singular SPDEs we propose a purely algebraic view on the matter. Recent
advances in the theory of regularity structures, especially the Hopf
algebraic interplay of positive and negative renormalization of
Bruned--Hairer--Zambotti (2016), are seen to have precise counterparts in
the rough path context, even with a similar formalism (short of polynomial
decorations and colourings). Renormalization is then seen to correspond
precisely to (higher-order) rough path translation.

(Joint works with Yvain Bruned, Ilya Chevyrev and Rosa Preiss).

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