General Information

The Institute of Mathematics offers a broad scientific diversity with the possibility for dissertations in current research areas of pure and applied mathematics.  You can find out about the current research interests on the websites of the individual research groups.

Extensive information on doctoral studies in general as well as the current doctoral regulations (note that only the German version is legally binding) can be found on the website of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Potsdam.


SIAM chapter seminar

Get to know what your fellow Ph.D students are working on!

Time : last Wednesday of each month at 16:00.

Place: online. Login details announced via mailing list "SIAM-chapter-list", or ask Franziska or Hans.

Details: to be found on the SIAM chapter website


New here?

If you recently started your Ph.D. at our Institute, please do the following:

  • Add yourself to our PhD student mailing list siamchapter-list
  • Join us for activities. (Infos are spread over the PhD mailing list.)
  • Participate in our monthly PhD seminar! Find out what other PhD students are working on or give a talk yourself! 


The current Ph.D. representatives are Franziska Thoma and Hans Reimann.

 What do we do?

  • Come to us with any questions, concerns or problems regarding your PhD studies.
  • We represent the group of PhD students in mathematics in the Institutsrat.
  • We organize the PhD day and PhD seminar together with the organizing committee.
  • We organize regular meetings for PhD students.
  • We take care of the SIAM Student Chapter.

If you are interested in our events, or if you want to organize one yourself, get on our mailing list "siamchapter-list"and/or contact us. 

Potsdam SIAM Student Chapter

We are proud to have a SIAM Student Chapter in Potsdam! 

Have a look at our website to learn what the benefits of the chapter are and how to become a member!

If you have any questions feel free to ask the PhD representatives Franziska and Florian.