Conditioned point processes with application to Lévy bridges

Autoren: Giovanni Conforti, Tetiana Kosenkova, Sylvie Roelly (2019)

Our first result concerns a characterisation by means of  a functional equation of Poisson point processes conditioned by the value of their first moment. It leads to a generalised version of Mecke's formula.  En passant, it also allows to gain quantitative results about stochastic domination for Poisson point processes under linear constraints.
Since bridges of a pure jump Lévy process in R^d with a height h can be interpreted as a Poisson point process on space-time conditioned by pinning its first moment to h, our approach allows us to characterize bridges of Lévy processes by means of a functional equation.
The latter result has two direct applications:
first we obtain a constructive and simple way to sample Lévy bridge dynamics; second it allows to estimate the number of jumps for such bridges. We finally show that our method remains valid for linearly perturbed Lévy processes like periodic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes driven by Lévy noise.

Journal of Theoretical Probability

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