Supersymmetric Path Integrals II: The Fermionic Integral and Pfaffian Line Bundles

Autoren: Florian Hanisch, Matthias Ludewig (2017)

The Pfaffian line bundle of the covariant derivative and the transgression of the spin lifting gerbe are two canonically given real line bundles on the loop space of an oriented Riemannian manifold. It has been shown by Prat-Waldron that these line bundles are naturally isomorphic as metric line bundles and that the isomorphism maps their canonical sections to each other. In this paper, we provide a vast generalization of his results, by showing that there are natural sections of the corresponding line bundles for any N∈ℕ, which are mapped to each other under this isomorphism (with the previously known being the one for N=0). These canonical sections are important to define the fermionic part of the supersymmetric path integral on the loop space. 

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