Florian Fischer

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

+49 331 977-203153
Sprechzeiten/ Consulting Hours

nach Vereinbarung/ by appointment

Currently, I am the Ph. D. representative of the institute.

I am on parental leave from 1.8.19 until 31.12.19.



Research Interests

  • Theory of Schrödinger operators on infinite graphs, especially

    • Potential theory
    • Martin boundary theory
    • Spectral theory

  • Theory of p-Laplace operators on infinite graphs
  • Inverse problems
  • Numerics of Sturm-Liouville problems
WS 2017TutorMathematik für Informatik I
SS 2017TutorAnalysis II
WS 2016TutorAnalysis I
SS 2015TutorAufbaumodul Algebra und Arithmetik
WS 2014 TutorAnalysis I, Algebra und Zahlentheorie
SS 2014TutorAufbaumodul Algebra und Arithmetik
SS 2013TutorAnalysis II
WS 2012TutorAnalysis I, Mathematik für Biologen I, Brückenkurs Mathematik
WS 2011TutorMathematik für Biologen I, Brückenkurs Mathematik
2018M. Sc. in MathematicsThesis: Riesz Decompositions and Martin Compactification Theory for Schrödinger Operators on GraphsPotsdam University, Germany
2016Erasmus+ -SemesterAalborg University, Denmark
2016B. Sc. in MathematicsThesis: Matrix Methods for Direct Fourth Order Sturm-Liouville ProblemsPotsdam University, Germany
2015B. Ed. in Mathematics and BiologyThesis: The Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential EquationsPotsdam University, Germany
2013Erasmus -SemesterTampere University of Technology, Finland
June 2019ConferenceGeometric aspects of harmonic analysis and spectral theoryHaifa (Technion), Israel
Apr. 2019TalkA Riesz Decomposition for Schrödinger Operators on GraphsHamburg (TUHH), Germany
Apr. 2019ConferenceGeometry at InfinityMünster, Germany
Sep. 2018Summer SchoolGeneralized Curvatures GenCurv2018Lausanne, Switzerland
June 2018WorkshopDirichlet forms on graphs,
Talk: Infinite Graphs: The Setting in a Nutshell
Jena, Germany
Nov. 2017ConferenceDiscrete And Continuous Models in the Theory of NetworksBielefeld, Germany
Oct. 2017ConferenceAnalysis and Geometry on Graphs and ManifoldsPotsdam, Germany
Dec. 2016WorkshopDirichlet Forms, Operator Theory and Mathematical Physics,
Talk: Dirichlet Forms and Stochastic Completeness on Graphs
Hammamet, Tunisia