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Jonathan M Borwein (1951–2016): exploring, experiencing and experimenting in mathematics – an inspiring journey in mathematics.

Autoren: Ulrich Kortenkamp, John Monaghan,Luc Trouche (2016)

Summary: Jonathan M Borwein died on August 2nd. He was a major figure in the field of experimental mathematics. His death, at 65, was an astonishment for his family and his colleagues. We three, as mathematics educators who have worked with Jon, have been asked to pay homage to his life and his work. But we three have only shared a part of Jon's tremendous appetite for life and work, so we barely scratch the surface of the significance of his work. Ulli writes about Jon's experimental mathematics, Luc writes about the implications of Jon's work for mathematics education and John writes about Jon, culture and mathematics.

Educational Studies in Mathematics

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