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Summary of Research Interests

-Uncertainty quantification
    Nonstationary Baysian inverse problems
    Statistical models and optimal transportation
    Sampling, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
    Data assimilation, filtering and smoothing algorithms

-Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
    Hamiltonian Particle-Mesh Methods for the Shallow-Water Equations
    Semi-Implicit and Staggered Semi-Lagrangian Methods for the
    Shallow-Water Equations
    Geostrophic Balance and Asymptotic Analysis
    Non-hydrostatic motion and numerical methods
    Multi-symplectic Structure and Conservation of Potential Vorticity
    Data assimilation and ensemble Kalman filters

-Molecular Dynamics
  Particle Methods and Statistical Mechanics
  Time stepping methods for classical, stochastic and quantum-classical
   molecular dynamics Hybrid Monte Carlo methods

-Geometric Integration
   Hamiltonian ODEs and PDEs
   Computation of Lyapunov Exponents
   Backward Error Analysis
   Adaptivity and Conservation

-Averaging in highly oscillatory systems and general multi-scale analysis
  Existence and life-span of adiabatic invariants
  Large time-step numerical methods
  Mori-Zwanzig reduction and stochastic modelling