Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Z:\public_html\pictures\CB_photo.PNG   apl. Prof. Dr. Christine Böckmann

E-mail: bockmann(at)
Phone : ++49-(0)331-977-1743, Fax : ++49-(0)331-977-1001

Short Curriculum Vitae:

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Potsdam, Germany

Marital status:

married, son 1981, daughter 1984



Diploma (M.Sc.):

1980 at Dresden University of Technology


1984 at Dresden University of Technology (Dr. rer.nat.)


University of Potsdam (apl. Prof. Dr. rer.nat. habil.)

Foreign languages:

English, Russian

Research Interests

Numerical and applied mathematics, nonlinear ill-posed inverse problems, regularization methods, numerical methods for inverse Sturm-Liouville problems, applications in atmospheric physics

Current Research Group

PhD Students:

Upeksha Perera

Students of Tutorials SS17 : 

Christopher Purand

 Former supervised PhD and Diploma students

Research Projects

Principal Investigator of:


Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure (ACTRIS-2 IA) in Horizon2020 (2015-2019)

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Z:\public_html\pictures\Logo_Marie-Curie.png


The interdisciplinary Marie-Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) Initial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing (ITARS) and ITARS group (2012-2016)

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Z:\public_html\pictures\itars_logo.png

EARLINET - ASOS EU-Project No.: 025991 (RICA) and EARLINET-ASOS group (2006-2011)

Cooperation with Thailand (2005-)

ESA-Project No.2973 (2005-2008)

TÜBITAK-Project (2005-2006)

DAAD-Project (2003-2006)

Virtual Institute PEP: 1. Annual Meeting at University of Potsdam (30.-31. May 2005)

Virtual Institute PEP: HGF-Project No.: VH-VI-100 and Participating Institutes (2004-2007)

EARLINET EU-Project No.: EVR1-CT1999-40003 (2000-2003)

BMBF-Project No.: 07AF310 (1997-2000)

TÜBITAK-Project (2000-2001)

BMBF-Project No.: 03-MA7PO1 (1997-2000)

5.AFS-BMBF-Lidarnetwork-Workshop (2000)


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Post address:
Institut für Mathematik, Universität Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
D-14476 Potsdam, Germany

Visiting us:
Campus II Golm
Building 2.09, Room 1.15 (PhD office: