Deutsch-Französisches Doktorandenkolleg/ Collège doctoral franco-allemand Potsdam-Toulouse

The French-German doctoral college Potsdam-Toulouse called Stochastic processes and statistical machine learning  is funded by the French-German University  for the period  2018-2021. It involves mathematicians of both universities.

Aims of this international doctoral college named  CDFA 01-18 :

- Integration of doctoral students into a common larger research programm

- Scientific education by specialized serial lectures, short term and long term visits of guest scientists, workshops

- Increase of the mobility of young researchers (a typically 6-12 month's stay at the foreign partner university

- Possibility of novel international collaborations

- Possibility of joint PhD-supervisions by two scientific teams from distinct countries.

The concerned mathematics research domains are the probability theory - in particular the field of stochastic processes- and  the mathematical statistics - inparticular the field of statistical learning.


French speaker: P. Cattiaux

German speaker: S. Roelly

Workshop "Stochastic processes and statistical machine learning I"

Potsdam, 14-16 February 2018